Born in October of 89, a Libra, described as a creative mind. A lover of old school hip- hop, R&B, reggae and techno. My family and close friends call me Krissy J but I’m formally known as Kristen. Feel free to call me either. I was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. The last child of six children. The second child to relocate to the state of Florida in 2006. It was a major transition. I’m used to seeing the metro, and concrete decorated with the finest shades of old chewed gum. In Kissimmee I have become used to seeing cows in green pastures. I titled this chapter of my life “venture of a city girl living in a country world.” I have a passion to write and I love fashion. In December of 2006, I was able to take part in an activism agency and published a poem and article on Domestic Violence, in the book “Whose Changing My Hood.” Getting my work published has motivated me to continue my love for writing. Fate leads to success. Hopefully, in years to come, when picking up the latest issue of Vogue or Essence Magazine a picture will lie alongside a letter from the editor with the name Kristen Johnson.

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