What’s Fashion Without STYLE?
What’s Style without a TREND?
Is a trend made without a SETTER?

All of those questions can be forwarded to Ms. Tiffany “Stylist to the Stars.” This young ambitious woman is doing it big in the style industry. Currently she is a colligate student and interns with many big name fashionistas. I had the oppurtunity to have an web interview with Ms. Tiff not too long ago and learned about her determination in the fashion industry. Keep an eye out for her on the red carpet folks…This is a fierce one!

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Tiffany La’Chea Bender
Talent: Teenage Fashion Phenom =)
Hometown: Harlem, USA

Website: Live Young HollyWould Tiffany’s Myspace

KrissyJ: Favorite color?:
Tiffany B: “Tiffany and Co.” Blue

KrissyJ: Favorite restaurant?
Tiffany B: Tao

KrissyJ: Favorite place to shop?
Tiffany B:Any showroom!

What motivated you to become a stylist?
Tiffany B: A great woman named Sadia Morrison, rest in peace. She pulled me during my junior year in high school and was just like “you’re going to be tying shoes and ironing shirts and it won’t be fun” I had the time of my life.

KrissyJ: How long have you been styling?
Tiffany B: Well I’ve been styling on common folk forever! But, professionally for a little over 3 years now. LOL

KrissyJ: In your opinion what is your best accomplishment thus far?
Tiffany B: Graduating high school at the top of my class, then working exclusively with Fab for an entire summer.

Who inspires you?:
Tiffany B: My mommy. Her style is ridiculously fab. Mixes of vintage mink coats and Gucci bags and SS09 Chanel. I love it!

KrissyJ: What celebrity would you love to work with?:
Tiffany B: I would have loved to work with Marylin Monroe. I’ve never met someone who enjoyed being a woman as much as me.

KrissyJ: Where do you see yourself in the next year?:
Tiffany B: Married with six children. JOKING! Far from fab, far from me.
Interning in Italy for Gucci special events for a semester.

KrissyJ: What should your fans be looking out for?
Tiffany B: I’m not too sure I have funs (LOL) But people who are interested and follow my work should definitely follow Keith Holmes, my partner in crime. Boy does amazing work! You really should be interviewing him instead of me!



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