From musical parents to defining her own musical talent this chick has got it going on… Pink hair, Blue hair don’t matter her swagg is off the charts…her music has an eclectic sound and she is different from anything you have ever heard. Go on Muffy, I support!

Get to know her…
Don’t forget this face!
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Talent: Good energy Musical vocal skills writing as well

Hometown: Detroit, MI and Newark, NJ.. but I rep the ATL Shawty

Age: 23


KrissyJ: Favorite color?

KrissyJ: Favorite restaurant?
MUFFY: RIGHT NOW.. Nuevo Lardeo. the best mexican in my town to be.. Lobster tacos are theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bestestttt ever made

KrissyJ: Favorite place to shop?
MUFFY: Lil 5 Points..

KrissyJ: What motivated you to sing?
MUFFY: My Mommy and my desire to entertain professionally

KrissyJ: How long have you been singing?
MUFFY: About 3 years.. Not that long

KrissyJ: In your opinion what is your best accomplishment thus far?
MUFFY: Getting with the team I’m working with right now.. Bangladesh and Coach K

KrissyJ: Who inspires you?
MUFFY: MY MOm.. The earth and the People walking by..

KrissyJ: What celebrity would you love to work with?
MUFFY: Erykah Badu.. or Bjork.. or Rza

KrissyJ: Where do you see yourself in the next year?
MUFFY: Across America Touring with Bangladesh and the crew.. all over your tv and magazines..continuing to progress in my career choice

KrissyJ: What should your fans be looking out for?
MUFFY: I have a Video.. that will be hitting the internet circuits soon.. So keep a look out for that.. and always check up on me via Myspace.. Muffy LOVES YU

Go on her myspace..check out her music!


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