What a wonderful world…

Was it just me???Or did the world seem much brighter today? It just felt like a place that I wanted to be in. In general I had a great day. I try to enjoy each day but, today for some odd reason just felt extra extra kewl. I went to school happily (wowzers!), I sat … Continue reading What a wonderful world…


We in the HOUSE

It's Official Obama is in the HouseCHANGE HAS COMEMy PRESIDENT got rhythm...haha


This chic is dope!!!That is all I'm gonna sayher music is BANGING!!! too...its like some unheard of stuff...She says whatever is on her mind and I Luv thatshe mixes hip-hop with an electronic soundI think she is hilarious...artist to look out for in 09!!!GO GET HER MUSIC!!! NOW NOW NOW!!!!CHECK OUT THE INTERVIEW AND HER … Continue reading JANE BANG!!!