Sometimes your character can brand you with a nickname. I preferably don’t go for the nicknames anymore I rather be known as the person on my birth certificate. It’s much more elegant and it’s your trademark. No one can take your name from you. Unless you get involved in some John Proctor typeISH. (Hint: English class freshman year in high school you read it) That’s what makes you, you. I think a nickname gives off personalities that sometimes people don’t need to be known as. For example “Puffy” “Puff Daddy” “P.Diddy”…(HMMMMm) why not just SEAN JOHN! “Master P” how about you call him P. Miller, and oh Mr. Carter sounds so much more handsome. When it all comes down to it, a person knowing you by your name is a much better sound…Why after all it’s the real you! So do me a favor and change your emails. No more “hotlilmama@ or bigbuffdaddy@” Firstnamelastname@… Is so much more professional!

Thought these images were breath taking “Eva Diva” preferably called Eva Marcille. She took these photos late last year and I snatched them from Essence. Thanks

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