Remember this face…

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It’s the face of a must know artist. His name is KYDD. I think he is hawt…literally and lyrically. He got that Old Skool/ New Skool/ in ya ear flow. I like the beats that he rhymes on…All in all it’s good music. Ish you could vibe to. Which you all know is kinda hard nowadays…Remember you saw him on Krissy J’s Blog…cuz I’m sure your gonna see KYDD on ya flat screens. My favorite song is “She Said” Show him your love…Go on his myspace add the KYDD


Name: Kydd

Talent: music artist/producer/song writer/rapper/singer

Austin Texas


KYDD’s Myspace

KrissyJ: Favorite color?

Kydd: blue

Favorite restaurant?

Kydd: Thunder Cloud Subs

Favorite place to shop?

Kydd: The Drag in Austin, a bunch of Random stores, Vintage Shops, Urban Outfitters,etc…

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KrissyJ: One thing you can’t live without?

Kydd: music!

What motivated you to rap/sing?

Kydd: Music was my first love, you know..

KrissyJ: How long have you been been rapping/singing?

Kydd: Since i was like 9

KrissyJ: What celebrity would you love to work with?

Kydd: I would love to work with Panic at the Disco, q-tip, mos def, nas, jay-z…wow it’s really a long list lol

KrissyJ: Where do you see yourself in the next year?

Kydd: Signed to a major label, starting a clothing line,touring the world

What should your fans be looking out for?

Kydd: My new mixtape “lns” it’s gone be a classic..You can download my last mixtape “The Official Testimony”

KYDD’s Mixtape

<img src="<img src="" border="0"


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