A while back I mentioned that I would be giving tips on fashion based on the Ebony Magazine fashion fair 09. I was privileged to attend the show and got tips as to "What's Hip and What's Hot."Two things ladies should have in their wardrobe for this year is METALLIC and a PATENT PUMP. This … Continue reading Style


Dear Daddy More Bucks,

Can I get a few bucks? <img src=" " <img src="; <img src="; <img src="; <img src="http://; <img src="; Tap the Red Pumps 3x. I think you might be able to buy any of these there! <img src="; Line: Dsquared2 Two Canadian twin brothers that rock the world of fashion with fierceness. Pieces are known … Continue reading Dear Daddy More Bucks,

The Common Wealth Family

SOUND ALERT!!! Talented Group of Individuals putting Pittsburgh on the map Name: gR of The Common Wealth Family <img src="; Talent: music artist/producer Hometown: The City Of Champs...Pittsburgh, Pa Age: A fresh 23!! 12-27 was the big celebration! Website: gR's Myspace THE FAM KrissyJ: Favorite restaurant? gR: Its gotta be Primanti in Pittsburgh...If you … Continue reading The Common Wealth Family