So my collegiate buddies!
I have a question and a thought for the day, week, month, year or whatever. Are you ever in class wondering WHY on Earth your there? I mean like seriously, this whole education thing is going bonkers. YEAH, I’m a paper chaser, goal achiever so I’m definitely going to get my degree(s), yes I added the (S) . But,geesh school just ain’t the same as elementary. For example, I’m in Biology class right now, not by choice, by REQUIREMENT, and I’m really thinking…hmmm…?maybe, just maybe, I need to understand the natural mineral breakdown of cotton and threading, OR maybe this class will inform me how certain materials affect this skin if one is allergic? HMMM? Please, hence the sarcasm of my hypothesis. LOL Jokes! Seriously speaking when I was a kid I thought that I would love college because I would be studying to become a designer or journalist. If you really think about it, your career is a skill you must have and perfect yourself. No one can teach you a skill, but they can however help you along the way. My brother once said “Your professor teaching you to be a journalist probably failed at attaining his/her goal because if she ain’t I’m 100% sure they would be reporting on CNN, MTV, Essence Mag, NY Times or whatever their forte is.” I totally agree,now. I come from a family of teachers so I’m not knocking anyone’s hustle, nor am I trying to defer any of you from getting your degree(s), but just keep an open mind. One of the main things in college is networking. Try to spend a little time doing that. Meet new people, talk to people you normally wouldn’t approach. If your smart you will hopefully reach out to the right people. Donald Trump…where you at???


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