I’m not one for gossip or drama. BUT Please, can someone inform me about the Chris Brown and Rihanna incident. First off, there are always three sides to a story 1) the plaintiff 2) the defendant 3) the TRUTH . This story however got everyone and they momma’s side. At first stories reported that Chris Brown hit an unidentified woman, then Rihanna was in a car accident, then I heard Rihanna was cheating on Chris Brown, gave him an STD and when he found out he knocked her out. Needless to say both CB and RihRih come from homes with issue going on around the parents. Whatever it may be I just feel bad for the both of them. This is not the type of headline you want in the public eye. I support both, even though I heard Chris Brown may have to pay the time with 9. Currently headlines are filled with individuals wondering wondering why Rihanna would want to stay in a relationship with Chris Brown? Ultimately it is up to her. She has to know what is right. Domestic violent situations normally get worst, Take for example the death of a family friend this pass weekend, Tiana Notice. Tiana had become a victim of stalking with a violent boyfriend. She did the right thing by getting a restraining order and moving on with her life. Her boyfriend however, could not take no for an answer. He took it upon himself to take her life on this past Valentine’s Day, noting if he could not be her Valentine, no one else could. Crazy, ain’t it?
Ladies, we have to do better for ourselves. Tiana did the right thing by getting a restraining order and trying to move on but, unfortunately sometimes it domestically violent cases end this way. To the Notice family, my deepest condolences go out to you! Love Always,
Krissy J



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