Recently, I have become ADDICTED to the Jessica Simpson line of purses. I get the hottest new releases at my workplace and I seem to have been buying a new purse like every week. I love um. There affordable, stylish and really roomy. I love a big purse. It just adds “Vogue” to a classic chic outfit. I have been keeping it simple this this spring so far, V-neck, Cole Hann Penny’s, skinnys, my J.S. purse, pearls and I’m good to go. If the Florida shine is swept with a morning breeze I add a basic cardigan. It’s a good look for spring : )

Click the pics for prices and to buy

<img src=""

<img src=""

<img src=""

<img src=""

<img src=""

P.S. don’t be afraid to mix and match neutral blends : )


One thought on “Jessica Simpson Purses

  1. hey booooooooooooo it’s Nedria from clinton omg I hate u and ur florida weather its brick city over here in ny. I love ur blog I got one 2 but I be lazy with the updates. omg email @ so we can exchange numbers.

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