Today is my buddy’s birthday!!! He is an established model and has excellent knowledge in the entertainment industry. He taught me a lot about the entertainment and fashion industry, especially, the nitty gritty you probably wouldn’t know if you didn’t have any prior knowledge about working for a Fashion/ Entertainment company. He’s a great motivator and a good friend of mines. Trust me you will be seeing this face much more real soon. He’s taking over the Central Florida area.

<img src=""

I was privileged to publish this picture in the first blog we did together via Myspace entilted “What is more important…Fashion or Style?” (haha remember that)Hopefully we will work more in the future. Anyways, you’ll be seeing an interview about him on here soon. I just wanted to wish him the BESTEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!

xoxo KrissyJ!

Image Source: Iconic Images


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