Central Florida continues to show me that there are other places in the world besides New York City. Currently, a semi recent resident, and a lover of art, finding things that I would enjoy to do can be difficult. However, I had to find a way. Recently, I held a position as an intern for the Osceola Oasis Magazine (soon to be 407 Oasis). With this magazine I get access to several events coming to Orlando. On March 26, I ventured the City of Orlando and headed out to The Beauty Spot.

Ladies, you can walk into The Beauty Spot and pick up a cute cocktail Betsey Johnson dress. Or, if you are looking to be in style for the spring with a great pair of skinny jeans, trust when I say you will find it there. The Beauty Spot features several high end apothecary products and various therapies for the body. There are two locations, one in Winter Park the other in College Park.

This past Thursday in College Park, The Beauty Spot held a special presentation by Feminati Art Shows, which celebrated women of Orlando. The vibrantly painted hot pink walls were filled with impeccable art created by local Orlando artist. Several women came out to this event and received special treatments such as manicures, pedicures, and massage therapies. While holding a glass of wine in your right hand, Henna artist Patricia Stevers designed your left. Upon entrance several ladies received face painting done exclusively by Carolina “The Doodler.” “We love to party, and every last Thursday of the month is when we hold events like these,” one of the employees stated as she gave me an exclusive tour of the boutique.

<img src="http://i41.tinypic.com/1zed2c7.jpg&quot;

While walking through the private rooms I fell in love with the art by Pam Treadwell. Each of her pieces told a story. Formerly, Treadwell worked for a major marketing firm and realized she was not working on her desires. She soon realized her passion for art, and in her pieces she strives to represent “the human position.” Treadwell, a Florida Native showcases her talent which illustrates how the environment inspires her art. “The Orange County Water District is in trouble and there is a lot that needs to be done to promote and get the people of Orlando fresher water,” stated Treadwell. Her piece Wishing Hand reminded me of the Dada style art done by prominent twentieth century artist Hannah Höch . By conversing with Treadwell, I noticed the enthusiasm she had for art. Treadwell explained she uses an essence of graffiti in her pieces showcasing her “wanting to shout” persona.

At times, people may feel as though it is hard to express themselves. Meeting great artist like Pam Treadwell, “The Doodler,” and Stevers, I felt a deeper connection to Orlando. I was able to interact with them and share my thoughts about how the arts inspire my aspirations. Orlando is a great city with various opportunities. Marketing Consultant for Smooth Jazz 103.1 Orlando, Mark Ager shared with me a valuable piece of advice “get a map, plan to attend, and go.” If you have a passion for something you will go after it. That quote held so much depth to me for some reason, and after continuously repeating it to myself I realized what it meant… There is a big world out there and regardless of location try to make the best of anywhere. Personally, I can’t wait to learn more about this city and other great artist or boutiques such as The Beauty Spot.

<img src="http://i42.tinypic.com/21c5g74.jpg&quot;

Wishing Hand by Pam Treadwell


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