From the BX streets now made a pit stop in Florida. North or South, this dude is doing big things. I respect his hustle. I love seeing people from my hometown making moves. It motivates me to go even harder…Currently, he is a student and is highly anticipated in the entertainment industry. His inspirations come from God, Family, “bad mind people” LOL (I loved that)!!!and other go gettas like my dude Fred B. He is a VICCI Affiliate, a group known for throwing some of the livest parties in the local Orlando area. Fashion…Style…he got it. Always seen rocking the latest gear. Simply put…A Prada-Fresh dude, his name is Kaspaa…Check out his latest photos and interview!

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Name: Kaspaa a.k.a “I AM FASHION”

Talent: Model/Fashion Designer

Hometown: Bronx, N.Y

Age: 20

Website: Kaspaa’s Myspace

KrissyJ: Favorite restaurant?

Kaspaa: I have too many, but I would have to say Olive Garden or Red Lobsters. I’m a seafood dude so I eat only food within that department.

KrissyJ: Favorite place to shop?

Kaspaa: I browse the mall and whatever I like, I buy. I am very much into Urban Fashion, so stores that has True Religion, Antik Denim, that area. But I am versatile with high fashion, so I can go in that direction as well. But in conclusion anything that I buy, I make stand out.

KrissyJ: One random fact?

Kaspaa: On my free time, I write poems and lyrics to express how I feel. I believe nobody but God understands how I feel and what goes through my head at times. I love to keep people in suspense and keep people on their tip-toes with the things I do.

KrissyJ: One word to describe your fashion?

Kaspaa: Versatile

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KrissyJ: What motivates you to entertain?

Kaspaa: Thats a good question. My life itself motivated me to entertain. I was always the type of dude that wanted recognition for my talents, so I will go in about any way of getting it. I was all about ball when I grew up and had and still do have a passion for it. I was a dude about competition and started off with that. I’m sure you heard the term, “anything you can do, I can do better” lol. That is the model I followed ever since I had sense. I felt I had to always be on the top of the line and get noticed for my…….abilities. So far I have been recognized. In middle school I missed best dressed by a couple points. That burned me because that was something I knew I was suppose to get. In high school I came harder and finally got the attention, the recognition I been destined for. So now I am ready for higher qualities of fashion and higher competition because I know I’m going to top that too. I’m cocky lol.

KrissyJ: Your best accomplishment thus far?

Kaspaa: Going to college and being successful thus far. I grew up in the streets of da Bronx where all people had was hopes and dreams. Even within my household, due to technical difficulties, two of my sisters out the four didn’t complete it. Around my hood was alot of bad influence and for me to stay focused and go to college, I believe that is major. Besides I had no choice because my Moms and Pops will dismantle me if I didn’t lol.

KrissyJ: Who inspires you?

Kaspaa: Aw man, so many people do. First and foremost God does. My parents and sisters. Negativity, badmind people do lol. Haters. But on the real though, my parents keep the steam in my boat especially my mother. I don’t think I would have been this far if it wasn’t for my mother.

Another person I have to shout out is my dude Fredo. He opened the door for me for this fashion thing so far. He’s a problem to by the way, so ladies be careful.

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KrissyJ: What fashion line would you love to work with?

Kaspaa: Pss I hope you have enough lines in this blog spot. I can go on forever lol. But my top lines I would like to work with is Gucci, Roberto Cavali, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, Y-3, Toni Maticevski, all these types of lines. I’ll take anything. Yo I’ll start modeling for brief companies lol. Anything to get me to the top line, especially to the names I said earlier.

KrissyJ: Where do you see yourself in the next year?

Kaspaa: In the sky, Ima be so I’m planning on getting on my grizzy for this next 12 months. I’m still balling, I’m doing da skool thing, this fashion thing, even music if I have to. Shout outs to VICCI, F&MP of course. I haven’t spoke much about them but they da reason why I’m this wreckless lol. Forget da alcohol, I’m blaming it all on F&MP lmao, aw man. But on the real though, I want to be in a much better position than I am in now so I can be like yo, I’m actually doing something with my life,granted I know I am but I’m ready for the majors, the endorsements, scholarship, e-mail, text something to be like Kas come in this door we have something for you, ya digg.

KrissyJ: What should your fans be looking out for?

Kaspaa: My fans should be looking out for a storm coming within these next few months, because as far as fashion, Limelyte and myself is rushing through whatever, everything. I’m coming in full force, throwing the triangle up for my offensive plays. My affiliate, Limelyte and I is real focused and we know what we want, so we going to get it. Go gettas and I dare anyone to try get in the way. I DARE YOU.

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A focused dude, huh? That’s what it is…as long as you set your mind to something you got it…I’m proud of Kas and stay tuned for the dude Limelyte…working on a interview with him too!! They making moves…CATCH UP folks, CATCH UP!!!


2 thoughts on “Meet Mr. Wright

  1. I love the article Krissy. Its good to read about positive and productive BLACK men. Shout out to Kaspaa, with your detemination and ambition you will be doing big things.

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