Grown Up Gadget

Say hello to my little friend...He helps me stay in contact with you all. Nokia e71 I love my phone except I wish I knew how to use everything in it. The book has too much info. I just try to learn something new everyday. Today I played around with the dictionary. MONEY noun - … Continue reading Grown Up Gadget

A little too close…

This weekend I ventured off to Celebration, Florida. Celebration happens to be just minutes from Walt Disney World and is one of Central Florida’s superb communities. Residents of Celebration have everything accessible to them. Visitors are just as lucky. The Celebration hotel, side walk cafes, storefronts, pet shops, banks, a hospital and even a movie … Continue reading A little too close…


I woke up on a recent Saturday Morning and was in need of an Old Skool flow. Flipping through the channels I came across the movie Anna Lucasta. Funny thing, it was this exact scene that I found on youtube.

Half full? Half Empty?

After the car show I dined at Celebrations Town Tavern and had their best burger. The Tavern burger… It was BANGIN! You have to go there for that, they also have a great sea food selection, great service, and excellent choice of dessert. $10

Let’s Talk

Cassie hun,What's going on?I'm not feeling this on her...It just seems a bad supernatural way... Kesh rocked it better...that was in 08'this look is kinda late...Correct me if I'm wrong...