Spring semester is O-V-E-R!

Summer Vacation is here and I still will be busy… In this business, sleep is for the babies, and fun starts when the sun goes down. LOL! On a serious note, I passed all of my classes which is nothing out of the norm. Some grades may not be what I wanted but at the end of the day it’s the degree that matters. So what’s my plans for the summer? WORK! I’m taking one summer course, interning with Oasis Magazine, and looking forward to learning a lot about the magazine industry. Currently, I’m working on an editorial that will be released in July featuring some “cool kids from the neighborhood.” And no not Mikey (“he he he rocks,” well at least not yet!)

Stay tuned to be updated about my journey with the magazine, summer fun, fashion, parties, and maybe even summer love??? hmmmm

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xoxo KrissyJ!


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