I just remembered my “Limelyte” extra bright -Kanye

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Ladies and Gentz meet my boy Rich aka Limelyte. He happens to be a part of the takeover crew, F&MP and makes dope tracks with VICCI. Kaspaa also a member of VICCI was recently featured on here. As stated once before they are making moves in the 407. From what I see I think Limelyte is the mediator for the crew, he is always making moves, doing something new, working on new plans and getting big things popping. He happens to be featured on one of my favorite summer jamz “Crazy” Check out the official VICCI MUSIC for that track. Check out the interview and see why Rich is inspired by greats like Will Smith.


Talent: Songwriter/Musician

Hometown: Bronx, New York

Age: 21


KrissyJ: Favorite restaurant?

Limelyte: Well, I’m a big seafood fan but I also enjoy Caribbean dishes. So, as for seafood I would say Olive Garden. I mean they put things together that I wouldn’t even think of. I love shrimp, lobster and Alfredo. That’s why I love Olive Garden. Now if we sticking to my roots? Throw some curry chicken or ackee and saltfish in front of me and see what I do with it. lol. Jamaican food is what I grew up on so there’s no hating it.

Favorite place to shop?

Limelyte: I’m real versatile to tell you the truth. A lot of people have a set style or type of fashion they rock with. Me on the other hand I could be wearing True Religion one day and the next day have some clothing from Heritage on. But for the most part I shop anywhere that has “fresh” buttoned up shirts, fitted jeans, and jackets. You could ask my partner in crime Kaspaa I’m a big buttoned up shirt dude…

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KrissyJ: One random fact?

Limelyte: I am very organized when it comes to things I have to do. My phone calender is always packed because I know I will forget unless I upload whatever it is I need to do in it. So I guess you can say that I remember things whenever my phone rings.

One word to describe your music?

Limelyte:“Relate”. Meaning you could relate to it. I base my music on real life. Everyday things people go through or are currently going through. No bragging or false facts. I keep it 100.

KrissyJ: What motivated you to entertain?

Limelyte: Well I wouldn’t say anything “motivated” me to “entertain” I think with me its more of a “wanting to put people in my brain.” I know that may sound funny but I guess the motivation for me is just wanting to show the world my talent….and show everyone what goes through my head.

KrissyJ: Your best accomplishment thus far?

Limelyte: I think my best accomplishment so far would be making my parents proud. I think I proved to them that I’m not a failure and that they did not fail as parents.

KrissyJ: Who inspires you?

Limelyte: By far Will Smith. He is who I personally look up to. His career to me defines the word “successful”. When he first started and was doing music…”he mastered it”. When he started acting…”he mastered it”. He has three children and is still married to the same woman he made those children with. Not many “greats” are maintaining all of those things at the same time. He is!!

KrissyJ: What celebrity would you love to work with?

Limelyte: As for music it would be The Dream….and since acting is something I plan on looking into and doing as well, Will Smith would be the one for that. I would love to work with The Dream because you can hear a track The Dream sang, wrote, or produced and “know that its him”. His music to me is a reflection of who he is and my music is a reflection of who I am. So I believe a collaboration would be “FIRE”..

KrissyJ: Where do you see yourself in the next year?

Limelyte: By next year I should be writing songs for many artists as well as making my own. Basically I want to expand my networking and be known for what I do. I am putting me and my teams company F&MP (Fashion Music Press) “on the MAP”!!!!!

KrissyJ: What should your fans be looking out for?

Limelyte: What my fans should be looking out for is….my single!!! I have been working a lot. Now its just a matter of what that single is! lol. I am currently featured on VICCI’s new single “Follow You” right now which is blowin up. Its their second single off of their new mixtape/album “Big Gunz & Fitted Jeanz” shouts out to VICCI. They just got done shooting a video for their latest single “My Place” you guys can check that out on their myspace page VICCI MUSIC . So yeah other than that for all my fans out there if you try to contact me or you just want to know what’s going on? Just keep checking my myspace for any upcoming events or things that I am doing.

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