For the past few weeks I have been busy with Oasis, networking, getting our most recent magazines distributed and working on ad sales. This weekend I got a little break from it and attended a fashion show at Mojitos Ultra-Lounge in Hunters Creek. Diana Rosario launched her third show “The MuñekaWear Experience” and at the show three of her collections were showcased The Muñekita Collection (dresses and lounge wear for girls 4-12) The Mommy & Me Collection (dresses for women and a mini version for their daughter) Womens Cocktail Collection (gorgeously designed cocktail dresses for an evening out).

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My favorite was the Mommy and Me collection. The pieces in that particular collection were well executed and the adorable models were definitely strutting what they mama gave um.

I got a chance to talk with Rosario for a bit after the show. She has always had a designer touch and started designing in 2003. She is inspired by women and know what women want to be seen in.

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To check out her designs or get in contact with the Designer Click Here


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