I woke up yesterday feeling pretty wack. Yall know, days when you feel like you’re stuck in one spot. Got too many dreams and ambitions don’t know which one to jump at first. I’m trying to get my name to ring bells…I don’t need a spotlight, just the bread of a modern day hustler…with respect from people for my talents and also respect for those whose talents I have been able to showcase. I have too many goals.

But let me tell you how my day when from wack to hype…

So I’m in bed thinking like dang, where can I start first, what can I do? I need something to boost my energy. Regular routine, check the email, work on interviews, and BAM! I checked my facebook. Trust me I’m not excited to be on facebook, it’s what I saw that got me hype. I haven’t really had the time to check up on concerts coming to Central Florida so I had no idea that one of my FAVORITE artists was going to be in town. My buddy Pat from Tampa made a little status announcement that Ryan Leslie would be in town, and everyone should go.

After seeing that I vastly searched for where he was going to be. Right by my crib, at the Orlando House of Blues. I texted a few people to attend, no responds, meaning

1)They were BROKE or 2) SCREW YOU Krissy!

At that point it was like whatever I could careless about these low budget lamez (opps! too bad if yall are reading this kinda late now haha)…I knew I was going to have fun anyway and moreover, I was going to see Pat, whom I have seen in about two years.

Time passes…I’m at the House of Blues…

I’m circling for a park and I saw Ryan Leslie’s tour bus and I think to myself, DANG this dude is really making moves. People are finally giving him his respect.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So then I’m walking looking at the crowd trying to see if I notice Pat because he was there on time and I knew I wouldn’t have to stand in a long line haha. Also, watching my surroundings because those Disney tourist can be so sneaky sometimes. Who do yall think I saw in the crowd. Ryan Leslie…he was trying to be quick with it, ain’t want people to spot him out I guess, but I sure did. Got my hug and a suave “how you doing hun.”

My night was beautiful from then on after…

Check the video to see how he smashes it in the studio… Place this into your google search engine livenation.com he’s touring with Jazmine Sullivan as her opening act.


Ryan, Fab & Keri Studio Session from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.


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