If you’re partying, you better come correct because you never know what photographer is going to be there. Savannah, Georgia native, a photographer known as “Oh Snap Kid” has an artistic talent. HE travels from coast to coast snapping the livest events in your city…How wouldn’t want a career like that???

Name: some people call me Oh Snap, Snapper, oh snap kid, drunk monkey, guy with the camera, etc

Talent: Taking photos of drunk people and making my own rules in photography as an art.

Hometown: Savannah GA

Age: 27

Website: Oh Snap Kid

KrissyJ: Favorite color?

Oh Snap: Grey. It’s like never having to make a decision or choosing sides.

KrissyJ: Favorite restaurant?

Oh Snap: Krystal. Little food. Big mistake.

Favorite place to shop?

Oh Snap: Walmart and a pack of white t-shirts. I never shop.

What motivated you to get into the field of photography?

Oh Snap: I come from a family of artists and just want people to experience the experiences I have been through. Everyone tells me I should write a book about my stories, but I’m too lazy so I just take photos.

KrissyJ: How long have you been in this industry?

Oh Snap: Going under the “Oh Snap Kid Name,” I’ve been doing this for 2 years. June 4th is my anniversary for it!

KrissyJ: In your opinion what is your best accomplishment thus far?

Oh Snap: Being able to travel the country and take photos. Meeting so many people that is the best accomplishment.

KrissyJ: Who inspires you?

Oh Snap: I’m inspired by anyone who took nothing and made it something. The people that were told they couldn’t do it and made it happen. The people who made a dream without following the guidelines of everyone else.

KrissyJ: Is there a celebrity you would love to add to your portfolio?

Oh Snap: I’ve never been much for shooting celebrities. I’m happy with shooting the people in front of me. I was shooting an event one time and the guy freaked out and was like “Yo Puffy is here! Get over here and get this!” I was already set up across the room in a photobooth and had just opened a fresh beer, so I told him to just get him to come to me. HAHA. He never came but Cee Lo and Dallas Austin jumped in the booth and had a good time. I think Puffy missed out, not me. 😉

Where do you see yourself in the next year?

Oh Snap: I’m hoping I can pick and choose my work more and travel out of the country. I’ve never been out of the states.

KrissyJ: How can we get our pictures taken with Oh Snap?

Oh Snap: Just have fun and don’t be shy! Come get me if you have to. There are so many people, I get bummed when I miss a good opportunity to take a pic of someone.

On a side note, if anyone is up in Chicago on June 26th be sure to check out my art show along with other artists from Atlanta and around the country!

Check out the live photos on the ohsnapkid.com


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