Spice it Up

I'm sure this is not the last time we will be seeing a touch of blonde for the fall...New Trend Alert...



I love seeing the inner rebel come out of an "angel"Check out Michelle Williams in a spread for Random Magazine. NEED I SAY IT?? FIERCE!!!


Ryan Leslie at the Gucci cocktail party looking handsome as usual. Here all my fall/winter favorite Gucci looks for men. Hint: The student refund checks are in, spend wisely! All images provided by and items can be purchased HERE


VH1 Divas was held last week at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in Brooklyn, New York. Needless to say everyone looked great. My only issue was with Kim from Real housewives of ATL. WHY? Can someone tell me why is she getting so much cosmetic surgery. It looks horrible. She must be trying to out … Continue reading OH NO!


Ybor City is known for it's crazy clubbing, partying, drinking and also the shopping. I went to La France last week for the first time and came across this vintage- deco shop. They have a variety of gowns, jewelry, hats, men's clothing, belts, shirts, skirts. Just about everything that a vintage shop could offer. I … Continue reading Bonjour!

Just a thought

β€œBecoming a Critic of Your Thinking,” by Dr. Linda Elder and Richard Paul is a great piece that teaches its audience how to think and become aware of the ways in which an individual should think. After reading the piece over a few times I have realized the importance of this article in relations to … Continue reading Just a thought