I haven’t had much time to conduct an interview in a while, however when I heard this guys music I had to track him down. My cousin Charlene out in London referred me to Jay-Soul. Needless, to say his name says it all. His voice is like the new- school Brian McKnight. That “D’angelo” brother us R&B lovers have been waiting for. You can find his music on his myspace page located in the interview below. Get to know Jay-Soul and more about the music scene in London in this interview below.


Talent:Singer/Song Writer/Producer



Website: Jay-Soul

KrissyJ: Favorite restaurant?

Jay-Soul: Nandos

KrissyJ: Favorite place to shop?

Jay-Soul: Blue Water

KrissyJ: One random fact?

Jay-Soul: Life is what you make it!

KrissyJ: One word to describe your music?

Jay-Soul: Unique

What motivated you to entertain? Who inspires you?

Jay-Soul: Well, I would not really call myself an entertainer as I am a deliverer. My main reason for doing Music is to deliver a message, creating emotions for love and positiveness. So, I will explain a little as I go on. As for My personal experience in Life being black and coming from a Caribbean background, I grew up and started singing in the church, where the majority of Black people and Black Artist I know of and listen to come from. Church was and is the foundation of my music talent, I can never forget people’s facial expressions while I sang and the praises I always got when I finished.

To Me, it was not some ordinary Praise I always got, People spoke to Me with PASSION and EMOTIONS, and that is what I will deliver through My music. Music is very therapeutic and also like a medicine or a cure so I will do My very best to keep that going. My Motto is, MUSIC RELATES TO ALL!

People who have inspired Me over the years are names such as,Martin Luther King, Stevie Wonder, Brandy,Myron, Anthony Hamilton, Bob Marley, Mary Mary, Fred Hammond, John Holt, Kim Burrell, Norah Jones, Barry White, Luther Vandross, Lauren Hill Player,Mint- Condition, Boyz II Men, Take 6 H-Town, Blessed Voices, Commordors and Many more, the list is almost endless lol, guess I try to appreciate all kinds of music.

KrissyJ: Your best accomplishment thus far?

Jay-Soul: Teaching music in main stream Secondary school.

How is it being an unsigned artist in London? Do you find it hard to get respect for your talent there? Is it going pretty well? School us in the States about the music scene in London.

Jay-Soul: Its not what it use to be, the Major companies over here are thumbs down for Me, you have to have so much going for yourself and when I mean so much, I mean alot, funding for all types of promotion whether it be t-shirts, posters, CD’S mix tapes and videos, you have to find and do all yourself. After all that, you have to have a buzz in the streets, if not, companies don’t want to know, which makes it almost impossible for unsigned artists to actually get anywhere. I myself have been to music companies and see what they do to peoples hard work put on CD’S, the artists themselves may as well throw it in the bin. Its hard to get respect as an unsigned artist and harder when you have not gotten any support behind you which leaves some artists to feel like giving up their dreams. If I be honest, most of the music they play out here on radio in My opinion is not real music, they need to bring back real funk, real R&B, real soul. I want to be one of the first, to bring them back.

I was listening to your song Open up Wide, your voice is like the modern day Brian Mcknight, do you mind comparisons? What do people normally say you remind them of?

Jay-Soul: Most people say I sound like the Artists I listen to, but mainly Stevie Wonder, Myron or Glen Lewis

KrissyJ: What celebrity would you love to work with?

Jay-Soul: Brandy

Where do you see yourself in the next year?

Jay-Soul: touring and performing.

KrissyJ: What should your fans be looking out for?

My three tracks to look out for are, Dolly Girl, Open Up Wide and Will You Be Mine.



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