October 1 was Nigeria’s Independence Day. Over the weekend I got the chance to partake in the celebration of 49 years with my friends; one of whom is Nigerian. I headed out to Channelside in Tampa to party. Here’s the catch. I had to wear green and white. I absolutely hate color coded parties. I searched all over for an outfit, bought a few things. Finally, I ended up working the magic with items that were already in my closet. Pshh, I looked HAUTE in an outfit that was less than 10BUCKS!!! check the math

Top: $5 purchased in Walmart
Skirt: purchased on a sale price from Tarjay (Target lol) for $3.74

FINAL Price: 8.74 KISSES!!!

Beat that even if you factor in the shoes and accessories the outfit is not more than $20. Talk about design on a DIME!

Need help sprucing up your wardrobe for less than the price of a subway footlong?? Holler at me ask.kristen@gmail.com


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