Are magazines important to you are are you just an avid blog reader??? Here is why I still purchase mags!

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A unique sense of style is shaped due to magazines. Since, my “pre-teen” ages I have always been inspired by the latest and current fashions that are presented in magazines. I have several subscriptions which come in on a monthly bases. My favorite magazines include Essence Magazine, Nylon Magazine, and 407 Oasis Magazine. Each magazine uniquely spread in its own way.

Essence Magazine has been around since the early 70’s for African American women. With three older female siblings, I grew up reading Essence Magazine. They always have the newest fashions, opinions relating to black love, great southern recipes, and African American celebrity information. My favorite thing about this magazine is the way in which the editors discuss historical and current events that have shaped the African American culture. Through this magazine I have learned how special it is to be an African American woman and how women have greatly helped shape America.

I was introduced to Nylon Magazine while living in New York. With the never ending trends existing in New York, it was only right to have a magazine of such character. Some people describe the fashions presented in Nylon as “bizarre.” I love retro and vintage inspired clothing and Nylon does a great job with the styling presented. Nylon is also known for introducing up and coming designers and entertainers. The first day I saw this magazine, was the day I made a subscription. Being a fairly new publication, I look forward to a magazine of “real people” such as Nylon, to stick around for a long time.

In the summer of 2009, I interned for 407 Oasis Magazine. This style magazine is a new publication (2007) dedicated to the Orlando area of Florida. 407 Oasis Magazine has helped me a great deal with my career decision. After a long summer filled with tedious work, I would love to have a thriving career within the magazine industry. The time spent interning for 407 Oasis was a tremendous learning experience. However, everyday that I worked with 407 was exciting. I was able to see both the good and bad sides to owning a magazine company. I worked side by side with the founder, editors, stylist and all others that made the magazine successful.

A magazine is much more exciting to read for me than a book. There are several great magazines out there that relate to its intended audience. I personally relate to magazines more so than any book I have read. The magazines I have listed are only a portion of those that I have over the years learned to both admire and make subscriptions to.

Another good thing about Magazines is it makes the perfect gift! My friend Shanice knows I love Nylon so last year for my birthday she made the subscription for me! It’s affordable, and its a gift every month! If you know what your friend love whether it be cooking, cars, fashion or animals, decor; there is always a mag out there for them. My Birthday’s coming up…Who want to get Essence for me! lol my two years just ended! ha


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