Now that I am not living with the parents anymore, it’s time to learn how to cook. Looking back I appreciate all the love and time my mother spent putting into her food. I decided to go Italian so I brought Olive Garden to the apartment. This is an easy meal to make.

Krissy J’s Pictorial Guide to Cooking Angel Hair Pasta with Broccoli

Items used:

-Of course you can select your own spices I choose to use Grace Products and Lawry’s
-Frozen Breaded Mozzarella Sticks
-packaged frozen brocolli
-tailless frozen Shrimp
-cooking wine (dry)
-salt/pepper/ garlic powder
-Optional: diced garlic cheese

Bring Water to a boil, add salt if desired and olive oil. Add pasta; it takes about 7 minutes to make pasta. After pasta is done place the oven on to pre-heat then place mozzarella sticks in oven to bake. Once that is done its time to saute broccoli and shrimp that was soaked in room temperature cooking wine and garlic.

Add drained pasta to Shrimp and Broccoli Saute pan

Add final seasoning and Cheese if Desired:

I used Muenster Cheese which to me taste just like mozzarella:

End Result:


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