New to the Tampa area I decided to check out coffee/tea shops. I found out in Orlando that you can meet the coolest individuals there. I became a common face at Bad Ass Coffee in Hunter’s Creek; attended there open mic nights, talent events etc. There, I realized people are always willing to talk with tea. Therefore, I had to find a place like that in Tampa. I can so see this tea lounge being my runway. I live with three other females so at some point or another I need a break from the pheromones that secretly rampage our apartment. Kaleisia Tea Lounge off Fletcher Avenue is a must go. Sometimes they have local artist entertainment. They have a variety of teas to choose from, as well as smoothies and small pastries. They also have a cool Asian inspired vegetarian menu. Being a newbie I played it safe and ordered the Mango Smoothie with Boba. Boba also known as tapioca pearls are chewy gummy bear like round balls that are for the most part normally consumed through a straw. I thought it was a healthy food item and decided hey I might as well try something new. Then I came home to research about boba and found out it is neither vitamin nor protein beneficial. Very high in calories!!! So I will not be getting boba in my tea or smoothie often!

Anywho, I took some pictures of my half full smoothie lol and I recommend anyone within or visiting Tampa to go to Kaleisia Tea Lounge. You won’t regret it!


Kaleisia Tea Lounge

1441 East Fletcher Avenue

Suite #133

Tampa, Florida 33612

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