America’s Next Top Model Isis King

University of South Florida students were given a little reality celeb action today. Isis King came and told students her story about her childhood and challenges she has faced so far with being a “trans.” Nonetheless, she makes it clear that she is all WOMAN. Those of you that pay attention to the Tyra Bank’s Show know that Tyra was a sponsor for her complete surgery. Isis explained to students of USF that she is so happy that it is now a complete job done and she is quite happy with the change.

“I am all woman”

Isis claims to have known her sexual preference since as young as kindergarten. She let it all loose with us!!! The discussion got raunchy!! She motivated several student to be content with their decisions of sexuality and explained the importance of being comfortable with yourself and going after your aspirations.

Y’all know me…

My question to her was “Isis, you looking for a publicist??!?!” LOL

BTW!!! Don’t be fooled y’all…she took off her heels!!! We see eye to eye! So all you shorties out there that want to model (Brit)..where there is a will there is a way

Krissy J and Isis King

University of South Florida Students and Isis King (Tampa, Florida)

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