Student, Model, PR company founder and blogger Ashleigh Fitzwilliam, of NYC caught up with me last-night to inform me on her endeavors in the “Big Apple.” She has a lot on her plates right now but plans to devour them all. Her most recent event was a Fashion Show at the Dole Center in Westchester, New York. Check out what she shared with us…

The fashion show was at the Dole Center in Westchester, funded by New Flex Hoops, a non-profit organization catered to the empowerment of young girls. There were many sponsors but the leads were the famous Coconation Corporation and Niki Chin designs of which I wore the green dress. The fur was from Cocochynna Furs. Niki Chin is also the host of Reggae Top Ten I believe on Irie Jam but you gotta verify that on the web. I was greeted by celeb barbers and photographers, took a few pictures with him well.” [LOL]

She then informed me about her upcoming shows. This was her first model event and the adrenaline involved was crazy but she wants more! She’s doing things in New York! I’m so proud of her… She’s in full attempt to take over the streets of NYC, no holding back!

Kudos Ash!

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