I love shopping. I also like to know firsthand of the events and trends going on in the fashion industry. Therefore, I decided to seek Press Releases of stores I commonly shop at. This way, I would both learn the good and bad about the retail industry. Also, I get an understanding of the type of information that is released by the Public Relations Department of the company. I sought a press release from the following stores: DSW, J. Crew, Nordstrom, Gap Inc. and Converse.
As a current employee of a recently opened DSW store I wanted to know if our grand opening event was on the press release list. Low and behold, we were. “DSW Shoes Opens Store in ___________” was released to the public last year and gave a brief overview of the store and the new “boutique” look given to the newer DSW locations. The press release for Converse similar to DSW boasted new trendy looks that will be made in the Converse industry. A big occasion in J. Crew was that President Obama wore one of their bow ties to the inaugural ball. In Fall 2010 Nordstrom will be opening a new Rack in Tampa. For us Nordstrom shoppers we know that Nordstrom Rack sells only clothing that has been placed on clearance. The Gap Inc. article was a bit different from the fads released by the other stores. Gap Inc. released a press release because they had to recall drawstring jackets that were seen as hazardous to children.
I have always been interested in the public relations aspect of the fashion industry; however, this research has helped to mold my ideology of a retail press release. It’s not just a means of proclaiming about the companies well doing, if something goes wrong in a company it should be known to the public with detailed and precise information. This can be a very studious task. Working in PR seems very interesting. Being that PR representatives are hired to preserve the image of a company, I would assume that these individuals have say in some things done within the company. Who wouldn’t enjoy a career that allows you to expand your ideas with others while helping to make a company morally appealing to the public?

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