Weekly, I seek the Sunday morning paper for all the advertisements that provides store bargains. Two stores that I most commonly compare are Wal-Mart and Target. Then based on my weekly list of items needed, I clip through circulars for coupons. I never valued a coupon until I arrived at college. Before, relocating for school, I remember my mother looking through the weekly paper clipping out her coupons that she would use in the Supermarket. At times I would watch and wonder why she would clip the coupons if it were only fifty cents or a dollar. However, since relocating, having to fend for myself and purchase groceries, boy have I learned the value of a dime.

The infamous sale day after Thanksgiving known as Black Friday is not anticipated to have its usual high number of consumers. In recent news broadcast, I learned that stores like Toys ‘R’ Us have had sale days already giving buyers forty to fifty percent off deals. With the Christmas holiday around the corner stores have been advertising goods for the holiday since the day after Halloween. Due to the “recession” and company fear of less holiday consumers, most companies like Toys ‘R’ Us, have already begun to give deals to buyers.

In a time with such an expected low number of retail consumerism it is important that companies create unique ways to make people want to buy something. We live in a society where media influences. Therefore, most companies opt to using celebrities to sell their goods. This gives consumers the idea that “Hey, if it’s good enough for the wealthy, it’s good enough for me.” This is common even on food items. Tiger Woods is a common face for Wheaties cereal. Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Laila Ali, have all been the faces used for the Got Milk? ads. Before losing his endorsement, Chris Brown was the face of Double Mint Gum. Endorsers are a universal way to get people to purchase………

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