Sleigh Bells

These girls know how to have fun...Krissy J live in celebration with close friends...acting a mess with my two favorite sistersthese images came out pretty kewl for us acting silly...P.S. i'm going to miss you dear friendxoxo KrissyJFollow my blog with bloglovin

Oh Happy Day…

Follow my blog with bloglovinIt's about 4:30 sumin the morning,I'm up,can't sleepwatching tvSister Act IILauryn Hill used to make me want to singI'm still seeking inspirationMy vocals ain't therebut my lyrical is ill...ask about me..... LOL

Flashing Lights

So here he goes again, looking ever so dapper while posing for the Spring collection of Bathing Ape. I have a question for you ladies...and MEN! I was recently talking to a close friend, lets call her Jane. Jane, was talking to a guy for a few months met him at a local gym, he … Continue reading Flashing Lights



LOL! Que is not holding back on this one. Decided to tell it like it is..."It's not Diddy, not Bad Boy, It was SCREWFACE!" Apparently, Que felt it was time to move on from Day 26 because he thinks things were not going right with the management; Screwface.Well, there are two sides to a … Continue reading FIX YA FACE!


I miss the old Apple Jack Saturdays with the commercials that made us want twisters, cha-cha-cha-cheeyas and bop its!Follow my blog with bloglovin

I want it alll!

Here goes Rihanna for GQ magazine...showing it all!!!There has been a lot of controversy in regards to her new attitude. Press is concerned about her new sex appeal since she got slapped up by CB. Guess the good girl has really gone bad...It's like this...So Rihanna, your an advocate against domestic violence and broke up … Continue reading I want it alll!