Recent media has been discussing whether Toby Keith made a stereotypical gesture towards Asians while performing with Will Smith and Wyclef Jean at a Nobel Peace Prize after party. Some people say he was unaware of his acts while other critics claim it was an act of racism. Me? I remain silent in this situation. Lets talk about other things. Media presents constant blatant stereotypes in television shows everyday. In a recent class discussion we talked about some of the stereotypes media shows in television shows and films. As a society we have accepted these actions as pure jokes. Watch out Toby you don’t want to be hit with the lawsuit like Miley.

Here’s the full clip his “yellow gesture” (1:23). It was poor quality taken from a phone I’m assuming. Then there is a list of media stereotypes after. What do you all think of these?

1. Description: P.R. really stands for “Partying Racy” Women

Where it ran: Blogger Account
Date: 3/9/2007
Why it is stereotypical: In this article blogger/ Public Relations Masters student, Alena Kravchenko, discusses how women are apt to taking or wanting a profession in public relations because it purely involves partying and the glitzy-glamorous life. Most people assume a career in public relations will only include talking with the top celeb elite, dinning on company cards and ending the night with drinks. We see this in several television shows such as The Hills, The City, and Sex in the City.

2. Description: There is no such thing as a smooth going wedding; destruction and distraught is a must

Where it ran: Sex in the City
Date: Film released May 30th 2008
Why is it stereotypical: In several love related films in order for a wedding to ever occur, someone is always placed in an emotionally distraught situation. The perfect scenario is the disconsolate scene in Sex and the City when Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, is dressed in her gown ready to wed and Mr. Big, her husband to be gets cold feet. Thus he decides not to show up to the wedding. After about what seemed to be an hour of contemplating to himself in the limo, he decides to go to the church and marry Carrie. Carrie decides to break off the wedding and falls into deep depression.

3.Description: Black Men are never faithful in a relationship
Where it ran: I Think I love My Wife
Date: March 16, 2007
Stereotype: This film starring Chris Rock showed the story of how a black man looses interest in his wife after marriage. From the beginning of the film it is apparent that he has an imagination of being with other women but is somewhat apprehensive with fear of losing his family. His wife is hard working and he also works long hours at a well to do New York City firm. He becomes reacquainted with an old time friend played by Kerry Washington. He starts to spend ample amount of time with her. In the end he is left to make a difficult decision, jeopardizing his family by having an affair or going back to his wife. He decides to return to his family.

4. Description: The fashion industry is only for those that model or look like models
Where it ran: Ugly Betty, Fashion Related Shows, Fashion Shows, Magazines, Advertisements
Date: Everyday
Stereotypes: From Magazine covers to Fashion Week to Ugly Betty, media constantly portrays the beautiful woman or male as perfect people with tight abs, no acne nor wrinkles and perfectly lined teeth. Ugly Betty, an ABC network sit-com portrays the not so slim nerdy intern that is constantly judged for her lack of style and her weight. Some celebrities have sued companies that have accidently showcased their not so good images. OK Magazine is I known for printing unedited celebrity paparazzi shots.

5. Description: Stereotypes that project Arabs/ Indian culture as Villains
Where it ran: several films,
Date: Various
Stereotypes: Based on this video it is apparent that the people of Arabian culture are constantly shown as “sub humans and barbaric.” They are portrayed as vengeful and “vilified.” The culture of Arab is slandered through different forms of media. Dr. Jack Shaheen points out that Arabian images were fabricated by the Europeans and picked up by the Americas. Through the Disney film Aladdin, stereotypes of Arab culture is portrayed by the songs sung, magic flying carpets, and snakes magically lead by music.

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