So here he goes again, looking ever so dapper while posing for the Spring collection of Bathing Ape. I have a question for you ladies…and MEN! I was recently talking to a close friend, lets call her Jane. Jane, was talking to a guy for a few months met him at a local gym, he was her trainer (hehehe). No seriously, he helped Jane get into great shape. Eventually, Jane decided to let Mr.Trainer take her out on a date after they had been conversing via telephone. Here is where he went wrong first…On the night of their first date he calls Jane and asked if she can pick him up because he is originally from Miami, new to the Orlando area, and did not want to get lost… (see that ish right there is a KRISSY J OH HELL NO DATE CANCELED moment) However, she picked him up. As he approached the car she began to gaze at the attire head to toe…Brotha came outside with an oversized button down, baggy khaki slacks, and some busted up outdated since 1995 Nikes. (see now, that moment right there would have been a KrissyJ step on the gas moment…if I even went to pick homeboy up) Jane, being the sweet sista she is, unlocked her door and they went on their date. She spent three hours waking around with this man, that apparently only takes care of the physical. LOL and to make matters worst upon entrance into an upscale lounge, Mr. Trainer got shut down, told he could not enter because of his sneakers. After they turned around the security eventually let them in because so far it had been a slow night and they were kind of early.

You guys know me…I dress well, therefore I associate myself with those that dress fashionably well. Ladies, would you have went on the date if you thought your guy was looking busted? Men, do you feel belittled when a woman tries to teach you how to dress? I want to know! Share your thoughts!!!

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One thought on “Flashing Lights

  1. See, Jane is nice!! Me I woulda made the ill nah boo face, and kept it moving. Sounds bad but I woulda lied nd said, I had and emergency!!!

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