Is it a false rumor or true?I'm not sure what the issue is in this situation but word on the tweets is Que is no longer apart of Day26. Ummmmm, hold up wait a minute? Wasn't all the drama dealt with last season on the show? I think this is a grimeyYy situation! Que was … Continue reading Question?


Say yes!

So you were invited to a Christmas Party or Lounge Event and need a quick dress? KrissyJ to the rescue! Check out Here are my picks for that special event...act quick so you can pick it up on time. Can't afford it? No worries, look in your closet for your favorite skirt, add a … Continue reading Say yes!

Wipe Me Down

Great Christmas idea, and Victoria's Secret is making them affordable. I love using Victoria's Secret's body butter. It helps keep my skin extra hydrated and super smooth. I purchased a couple of them in the summer when they were on a mega sale. But no worries for the holidays you can pick them up at … Continue reading Wipe Me Down

Sick video!

The wait is over! Rihanna video "Go Hard" my blog with bloglovin