With the new year, I wanted a new look; a new me. My one of my sisters became a natural fully for about three years now and had been transitioning for a few years before that. I love her hair and it’s texture. She always has inspired my style, and yes, finally she has changed my view about natural hair. Also, I now reside in Tampa and there are a lot of natural hair sistas and the hair styles they do are amazing! (GO TAMPA lolz)

I got my Big Chop during Thanksgiving break. A “big chop” is when all the permed hair is cut off leaving only natural hair (similar to the texture you were born with; for most African Americans the texture is described as kinky). Some women cut off all of their hair and do a really short look. I opted out of that. LOL I had been growing my hair out for a while but never paid attention to it being a transition to a “natural sista.” After deciding to finally chop of the relaxed hair I did it around the holidays so I would remember when it was done.

Since I cut my hair it has grown a ton and faster compared to when I had relaxed hair. I do not wear my natural hair out yet because I am not used to the length. When I wash it it gets really curly. So therefore, I style my hair in braids, weaves and my current infamous style; a mohawk.

So far, I have no complaints about my natural hair. My sister has made me try a few products that she uses. I also watch several you-tube videos. My favorite natural sista to watch is BlackOnyx. Her videos are inspiring, and like me she has a Jamaican background! Definitely, if you are thinking about becoming a natural I would check out her videos. She also makes cute jewelry.

I really want this flat iron I saw on Nylon.

These are some of the products I tried out from the line Miss Jessie’s. My other sister that recently had a baby is also now a natural and she let me try the products that she uses. She uses Carol’s Daughter which is used by Will Smith’s wife Jada and the kids


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