When I was younger I had a secret desire to be the next Lil Kim.

Are you laughing at me?
It’s ok!

But, I did!

Don’t ask! Maybe it’s the Roots of the Bronx in me(birth place of hip-hop)! It was like a secret profession pursuit. I hardly listen to rap music now, but recently my mind has been corupted with the voice and music created by Nicki Minaj, Nicki Lewenski, Nicki da Ninja…w/e she wants to call herself…She really is a “Bad B!+ch!”

I shared with several people my poetry, but when I read it aloud to myself it was a little more of a rap lyrical…

I still write. I don’t know weather to categorize it as rap songs; or poetry
so I’ll just leave it as Krissy’s Art. I also consider my written work an art, it’s my form of expression.

I don’t know what lead me to share this, because I will never rap in front of anyone but my reflection…


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