High school days were the best and most memorable days of my life thus far. I remember walking the halls with my friends, dreaming up goals to be successful someday. I don’t ever remember making a pact with friends. It was just an agreement that I shouldn’t say anything that is told to me in confidence because if it got back to them that I shared something private …we’d be fighting! LOL seriously, New York City public schools are no joke!!! I managed to keep out of trouble through out high school. Some things happened, but for the most part they were life lessons, that I will never regret.

So with that being said…

On Lifetime this weekend I watched a film called “The Pregnancy Pact.” The movie was based on a true story relating to a group of high school students that all vowed to get pregnant at the same time after being influenced by Jamie Lynn Spears. It was a good film, but I was utterly flabbergasted by the characters. (yes, I said flabbergast) It was that serious! At 15 in High School, I was thinking about making it to senior year with good grades. I had crushes and talked to a few dudes, one in particular I still keep in touch with and we are great friends but, I was not thinking about pregnancy. I am not knocking down the females that did get pregnant in High School, because the ones I know are in college or working on the betterment of their future. But, damn, a pregnancy pact?

I guess it truly depends on your upbringing because till this day at 20 years old if I were to get pregnant I do not know how my family would respond. (I do know, but lets keep it PG…in other words MY MOMMA DON’T PLAY THAT) Children are not in my book right now, I want to travel, shop for designer labels, finish college, and buy a Benz before I have a child! Once again in no way am I knocking down teenage mothers, I am just sharing my opinion. Pregnancy right now is not on Krissy J’s agenda.

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