Although it may not seem like Spring time where you are, Florida weather is back in tack; 60-70 degrees is my current weather range. #justsayin LOL Cool enough in the day for just a cardigan, and breezy enough in the night for a cute coat. It’s been rainy here too so last week I went looking for a cute coat. I decided on a trench coat because I have always loved the way it emphasizes on shape. Found one and its a military neckline purple trench coat from Tar-jay (Target) I purchased it for 8Kisses and change! It had been marked down from the original price for $9.98. I took pictures of it but I didn’t like the result so I will be sure to take some photos wearing it. It was missing a belt so I asked my cashier if she could take that into consideration and I got 10% off!!! See, Mom always said don’t be afraid to ask for a discount if something is wrong. The thing about it is I would have added a different belt regardless to vamp it up! Sweet Deal, huh!

Warning: Rain ponchos are NEVER and were NEVER in style! Not even if you get caught in the rain at Disney! Instead, get a light trendy coat, preferably a bold color.

I do also want a khaki colored trench. Here are my top picks from

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Classic clip from the infamous 1950’s movie “Singing in the Rain”

love it!


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