Get like me…

I love dressing up! Too bad I don't get to do it often! I put this look together really quick for a Valentines Day ball... It was really simple and affordable. I got my dress for $25 at a dress vendor. But I saw a similar one at "White House Black Market" a favorite of … Continue reading Get like me…


Don’t Judge

I digg this song!(I really DIGG this song)haha...don't catch me on the highway listening to this!It brings out the road rage in me! In the club....pshhh! Can someone say alter ego??? 'cause Krissay....she comes out! Check out the video and follow @souljaboytellem for updates(This is Krissay, all the way turnt up lol)Roscoe Dash is a … Continue reading Don’t Judge

Who am I?

I have been hooked on to natural hair videos and was introduced to this voice by Nikkimae2003 (love her hair videos and if you need hair tips do view).Back to the song... This video brought me to tears. February is a bittersweet month for me. As an African American I wonder why it is that … Continue reading Who am I?