16 year old charmer straight out of the streets of Toronto took time out of his busy schedule to give readers of Krissy J an about me interview. He looks up to musicians such as Sammie and Chris Brown and plans on collaborating with them in the near future. He has been singing since the age of 7 after being inspired by the Space Jam track we all love R. Kelly for “I Believe I Can Fly.” He has a sick website that can help you all learn even more about him and if that isn’t enough for you all be sure to follow him on twitter. I digg his harmony and the futuristic Nintendo-like beats behind the songs that I did hear on You Tube.

Name:Jahron B after the Dot (lol)
Talent: My talent? I’m a musician so my talent is being a great listener.
Hometown: Toronto!
Age: 16 years of age 😉


One Random Fact…
Jahron B: ahahaha, I like cold mornings rather than hot Summer mornings

KrissyJ: Favorite color?
Jahron B: Green… Money Green…American Money Green…no point intended 🙂

KrissyJ: Favorite restaurant?
Jahron B: Umm, has to go to Sylvia’s BBQ on Rathburn

KrissyJ: Favorite place to shop?
Jahron B: Hmmm, I forgot the name, but it’s a DOPE place in Philadelphia that I think is THE BEST.

KrissyJ: So tell us…why music?
Jahron B: Well, what else is there…people become lawyers because they love to argue and prove people right or wrong. People become veterinarians because they love pets… I choose music…Because, I Love…MUSIC 🙂

And also sign on You Tube, like right now, &&& listen to the “Flight 16” Video! Comment, Rate!

Oh the harmony! LOL

Want to be given your shine like Jahron B., Tokyo Diiva, Futureshock of Atlanta and several other artist? Email Me ask.krissyjohnson@gmail.com

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