I have been hooked on to natural hair videos and was introduced to this voice by Nikkimae2003 (love her hair videos and if you need hair tips do view).

Back to the song…

This video brought me to tears. February is a bittersweet month for me. As an African American I wonder why it is that we have to get one month to commemorate us for all the struggles and successes we have encountered. I feel bad for President Obama because he is indeed under estimated for everything he is doing for this nation. Let’s face it America, we are in a FRIGGED up state. It takes time to heal a wound; our cut is skin deep.

I totally understand how he must feel. I have a lot of pressure on my plate as well, and my expectations are the least bit as high as his are. I come from a family that expects the best of the best. Trust and believe, if your ish is not intact Johnson’s will ridicule you.

As a young adult, I have learned to embrace constructive criticism as a sense of pride for a high level of success. But, at times I do question myself asking “Who Am I”? &&& What am I doing?

I do know my name holds a great deal of power and I will strive to see it in lights. I have always been a persistent person, therefore, I know a bright future is already written in my biography. I think a lot…I write my goals down too, crossing them out one by one.

I am currently a college junior and I have an even longer list of goals to accomplish. In due time, I will cross each one of my goals out.

Today is my nephews 16th birthday. He is growing up quite fast and he told me once in a card just like this

I expect a lot from you Auntie Krissy, you are very talented


I promised him I would prove to him that I can fulfill his expectations and he must do the same…

and I never break a promise…

With this “random chant” I hope it inspires all my readers to aim higher everyday…and Support our President!!!

Also make sure you all fill out the 2010 census!!!

The singers name is Taree…She has a great voice! Someone needs to sign this girl! She has many more videos and her You Tube channel is ReeReeJ2003. Hoefully, there will be a full interview on her soon!

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