Last weekend my homie Shanice came into town for the Caribbean conference that took place at USF. I was unable to attend this year…had to work; bummer! Anyway my homie Shanice came with her effortless style…We went to International Plaza got into a little bit of trouble then hit up a local secret favorite thrift store of mines. I’m talking Vintage blazers for $2.50. I hustle them for good deals then bring my goods to Ms. Kim my cleaner and walk into a room looking like white on rice! Shanice schooled these Tampa girls on how to do it and get it done without trying. She is going to be a mega stylist and designer someday…I know it. Check her out!

Bout to hit the town

Chillen in the lounge at Nordstrom

My blazer (email me for shop location)

My shades! Picked up at Nordstrom $10! Beat that!

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