I walked into Nordstrom to get a watch for the Spring. The BP department always has some cool stuff, great deals! People are afraid to go into Nordstrom thinking it is wayyyy too expensive. YEAH, if you don’t know how to bargain shop it is hella expensive. If your a S.M.A.R.T (Sistah-Making-A-Reasonable-Token LOL) shopper like myself, your bank will never go broken!

For instance, the designer looking watches that I went for are sold at Nordstrom for $15-$20. My shades that I have on were $10.

Remember accessories make an outfit! Shop for great designer looking things until you have a career and can afford the real thing. I think even when I’m breaking stacks I will shop the same way. A sale day is a diva’s holiday. (Snap! Snap! Kisses)


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