I grew up hearing you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes. My daddy had several pairs. There was never a scuff or dent in his shoes. Now when I look at men, I find it hard to not look at their shoes first. Is that shallow of me?

If you come up to me looking like your shoes were left in Rwanda and returned, I will walk; PAUSE, I will run away from you. I myself always make sure my shoe game is tight. Designer or not, my shoes always look brand new. Check out some new purchases.

Bought from Steve Madden

Purchased on Sale at Zara for $30!

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I don’t know if it was television or a magazine but I recently was given the idea to revamp your closet based upon one or two people you consider your style icons. For sure, my number one icon is Coco Chanel. Her style was so effortless. She tailored men clothing to be seen as feminine chic. I always loved a good blazer.


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