The first post is the hardest….

I state this because, it’s like the first chapter of a book.  The goal of a blogger is to capture more readers to your page.  With everyone blogging, you have to find a away to stand out, grab your readers attention and get them to want to come back.

Topic number 1

I just caught your attention.  If you’ve read this far that means I am Charlie Sheen “WINNING!” (LOL)

My goal for this project is to be REAL.  I desire to introduce a side of me that has already been given to my audience, just on a larger scale.  For those of you that are not aware of me, my name is Kristen informally used to being called “Krissyj.”  Prior to starting HerTopic I used to blog using blogger;  It was a feet wetting blog.  Through that page I was able to mold my character.  I interviewed several underground entertainers and talents and showcased my style.  It was fun.  Check it out.

Now that I am almost graduating from school with my undergrad degree, I am releasing my baby.  She has evolved. is an innovative empowerment site.  While most topics will relate to womens empowerment and lifestyle, I suggest men read it too.  Want to know what the ladies want right??

What do I hope to give to my audience?

Entertaining and reliable information, stylish living ideas, and my story.  I think everyone is capable of creating their destiny.   Join me as I showcase mines.

Cheers to the future…Cheers to success…& Cheers to building a friendship with my readers : )


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