For some people it comes naturally.  For others, they may just never get it.  I’m here to give advice.

Tuesday’s Topic Number One: STYLE

I have always been a fashion lover.  My style has evolved  uniquely over the years.  My style has its own personality; giving me my identity.  Most people call it “swag.”  I define my style as sophistication.

I have always believed in dressing for the job you want not the one you have.  As an aspiring entrepreneur, I make it my duty to present myself in a positive fashion.   (Even to the trash…I am one of those type of women)  Can’t help it!

Your style defines your character.  So the next time you put an outfit together, think about the image that you are trying to portray.   On first appearance aside from the physical factors people notice your clothing.  My friends laugh at me when I say this but if I ever pass Oprah or Tyra Banks in the street, I want them to take me seriously; both of whom I aspire to work with in the future.  Designer Yves St Laurent once said, “Fashion fades, style is eternal.”

So how does one define their style?

  • Magazines are your style bible

Magazines are great because they keep you posted with what is on trend and what is not in season.

  • Find an icon and replicate

The fashion blog world has dynamically taken over online.  Find bloggers with great style and try to replicate certain outfits that you feel would look good on you.  My blogger fashionista fav is Delmy from

  • Brands do not mean you are stylish

Gucci Bag, Chanel Shades, McQueen Heels… Great, you can afford nice things!  But, just because you purchase those name brand items does not mean you should put them all together at once.  My opinion is: be subtle.  Noticeable labels are so ’96.  Let people guess your brand.  It’s ok to shop at Target, Walmart, and the current vintage trend: consignment stores.  Mix it up!

  • Everything ain’t for everyone

Just because Rihanna did it, does not mean it will fit you.  Shaving the side of your head, cyan pepper red hair, studs…everyone cannot do this!  Go for looks that will enhance your overall appearance.  Once again magazines are great because they show what fits people that are similarly shaped to you, or have similar complexions.  It’s ok to “dare to be different” but when people do a double take, and they are not smiling…honey…NO BUENO!

  • Confidence

Once you are confident with your style, then other people will grasp onto your look.  Confidence is one of the most attractive traits a female can exude.

Overall, think: I want to impress because I’m aiming for success

Look the part and you will get the respect you want, land the career you desire, or get the man you have had your eyes on…trust me I’m sharing this with you because it has all worked for me.


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