Name: Nina Simone

Birthday: February 21, 1933 – April 21, 2003

Talent: Jazz; singer, song writer, civil rights activist

In order to be a true diva, you have to learn about your heritage.  It is important to be inquisitive about those that have come before you; after all they paved the way.  Recently, I have become enthralled in learning about REAL divas from the past.  The Josephine Bakers, Nina Simone, Ella Fitz Gerald, Elizabeth Taylors…you get the gist?  I am trying to learn all I can about strong talented women of the past.  Their stories motivate my drive and their talents help me to motivate others as well.

So each week I plan to learn about a new Diva (dead or alive).  As I learn I will share with you…Normally I would do share this post on “Throwback Thursday’s” but I’m 7.25hours late.  It’s all good though.

Feeling Good– Check the Video : )

Have a great weekend lovies!


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