I myself have made guilt purchases and was persuaded by marketers.  The 11 year old selling Girl Scout cookies has “looked me in the eye and made me feel guilty” about the benefits of purchasing not one, but three packs of Thin Mints at a time; even though I may be leaving Publix with a cart full of groceries (Pratkanis/ Aronson, 223).  Being one of my favorite artists Kanye West has persuaded me into thinking that I would be the dope girl on campus if I had a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes or a bag.  Necessity…probably not…but I feel GOOD wearing the brand.  Although I’m not a skateboarder, I have interest in the talent that goes into skateboarding.  The Vans cult has succeeded in persuading me to be a loyal customer.  Not only do I purchase their product, I also annually attend the Vans Warped Tour.

Watching the video in class and reading the chapters have made me think about all the times that I have been sucked into purchases by sales associates, commercials and celebrity endorsements.  I am not the least bit upset or offended.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJIs4ksNxRQ&feature=related (How Persuasion works)

As consumers we have a choice in whether we need or just want a product.  One quote that stuck out in class was “they [marketers] use words to make you [customers] feel like people are trustworthy or reliable.”

Being a retail associate I loyally persuade my customers each time I work.  I state things like “Girl that dress makes you look like Halle Berry; or to a male I might appeal to his ego by tell him is gear makes him look fresher than JayZ.”  Ok, so maybe my comparisons are a tad bit extreme but, it appeals to the emotions, and I always make sales.  If it doesn’t look nice, I won’t sell it.  However, if it’s decent, I will make sure my customer leaves feeling like a million bucks.


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