(Heads up I freaking love Amber Rose, so any image that I find of her correlating to a topic will be used on my site…and I also love black art, I do not know the artist of the image that is featured in this post but i found it online…AMAZING)

This Summer I am enrolled in Women and Communication.  It’s a course that discusses feminism and pretty much anything that involves or is related to women.  Before each class we have to turn in journals.  I decided to share mines publicly.  I mean this blog is about “Her Topics” right!

So this week, we were assigned an interesting article called “Are We Having Sex Now or What?” written by Greta Christina.  Needless to say I loved the article because she summed up so much that my homegirls and I always talk about it.  Feel free to click the link and check out the article after reading my response…

My lady friends and I discuss this topic all the time.  What is sex?  What doesn’t count as sex?  How many partners are too many? What accounts for being a virgin?  Is oral action considered sex?  What about close contact; frisking?  Reading “Are We having Sex Now or What?” written by Greta Christina pretty much summed up our girls night discussions in 5 pages.  I immediately called my “home girls” to share quotes from Christina’s piece.
            Christina caught my attention in the beginning of the article where she discussed the number of sexual partners she had.  My friends and I always debate about this; males included.  I have a few male friends that solidly swear that fellatio is not sex.  Therefore, those women are not considered sexual partners in their number book of partners.  One of my homeboys summed it up as “it was just head, nothing more nothing less.”  “What the hell does that mean?” was my response, followed by an hour debate of our conflicting ideologies.   Eventually, he gave up.  Especially when I began to discuss what accounts for homosexual sex.  As Greta stated this topic is “too messy” (Christina, 6).
            Truth is, a lot of people place a halo over the idea that a female does not lose her virginity until vaginal penetration is involved.   I refuse to rant about virginity because I will write just about the length of an entire master’s program dissertation.  However, I will pose this question; what accounts for lesbian sex?  Trust me, as a heterosexual woman I would not be able to describe the act in detail, but in Christina’s article she describes it with factors involving oral activity and frisking.  Therefore, I believe if a person is involved in any sort of sexual activity it is sex.  If you are getting low, below where the nuns won’t go, it is sex.  Abstinence involves no sort of sexual activity, this involves touching, frisking, or mouth to any sort of body part for that matter.  Christina’s friends state “If you thought it was sex when you were doing it, then it was (Christina, 6).”  I agree.


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