Today is one of my favorite holidays!  Many people are not aware but May 20 is Josephine Baker Day.  It was commemorated by the NAACP back in the day in respects to this diva of a woman.  A lot of people don’t even know who Josephine Baker was.

Let me school you…briefly.

The 1920’s was a thriving time period for African Americans.   This was called the Harlem Renaissance.   Several African Americans began to embrace their art culture by displaying their talents through arts, dance, and music.  Josephine Baker was a singer and dancer.  Remember when Beyonce did a jungle themed dance routine with a banana peeled skirt at Fashion Rocks 2006 she stole that idea from Josephine Baker (well I guess it was a tribute hehe).  It was a great performance; click the link to refresh your memory.

Anywho, in a time period where African Americans faced a great deal of oppression Josephine danced her way through life.  Eventually, she relocated to Europe taking over the Parisian theater industry.  Sista, had the french men all over her…and her income doubled living there. GO GETTER!

Within her lifetime she took part in the civil rights movements.  She also adopted children and animals.  Overall, she was just a great woman.  In a time period where black women were shunned Josephine pressed through on an international level.  She showed how beautiful our culture is and how exquiste the body of an African American woman is as well.  I really do admire that woman.  She goes in my journal as an idol : )

….French men here I come Oui! Oui!


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