My current read: A History of US feminism by Rory Dicker

Am I a feminist or a feminist supporter?  I struggle with this question.  I love empowering women, but does that constitute for being a feminist.  Do I have to protest?  I have done breast cancer walks, and attended summits for women… Does that make me a feminist?  I always try to stay on top of women in the media; the good the bad and the ugly.

I am a mentor for young women.  I started a woman’s empowerment website because I think of myself as a great communicator; someone younger women should look up to.  I carry myself in a respectable manner.  Other women admire my class.  Does that make me a feminist?  I believe in equal rights for human kind; not just women.

Over the next few weeks I plan on indulging myself in as much feminist studies and research as I possibly can.  I have never honestly paid much attention to the “f-word.”  I see the word, I understood certain factors of it, however, I don’t really know the objective of feminism nor whether I should define myself as a feminist.

Most of the connotations that travel with the word are negative.  I think the negative ideals of feminism are what deter me the most from associating my name with feminism (butch; biased).

Comparable to Rory Dicker’s young adult life, I have just begun to indulge into learning more about woman and gender studies.  As a woman in my early twenties, I just know that I am an equal opportunist.  I don’t know exactly what a feminist is.  I do know this, my Mom told me to “always be a lady.”  My mother instilled into her girls to always stand up for ourselves…Does that make me a feminist?  I really am confused right now…I am enjoying the readings assigned in Women and Communications thus far.  I think with the opinions of authors and my peers, by the conclusion of this class I should have a clear idea as to whether I should or can label myself as a feminist.


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